About IIPE

The 2017 edition of the Indonesian International Pet Expo will provide both a B2B and B2C platform for companion animal health, welfare, and care suppliers and distributors to directly engage with both businesses and consumers to showcase their latest products and services and directly contribute to upholding sustainable companion animal health, welfare, and care across the Indonesian archipelago

What you will see in IIPE 2017:

Fun Dog Show

There will be grooming seminar, free style & dancing competition, fashion show and many more.

Internation Cat Show (CFA)

This year we will bring international judges to be the judges on our Cat show, don't forget to bring your CFA certificate.

Rabbit Show

Visit the rabbit show to see and learn about all things that you need to know about rabbit families.

Free Flight Parrot

There will be an introduction about parrot care, education about parrot taming and trainning, and many more.

Sugar Glider Show

You can bring your children here to learn more about sugar glider. There will also an exhibition about type of all sugar glider.

Hedgehog Area

Meet and greet with hedgehog lover community, get educate about hedgehog